Let the Constitutional Court provide judgment!

Let the Constitutional Court provide judgment! - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, March 22, 2008
Compared to the previous Electoral Commission (EC) line-up, it can clearly be seen that the current EC lacks unity. EC members now always express their individual opinions on each case - especially on the interpretation of the law. Individual members clearly also have widely-divergent political views.
In the previous EC, several members announced that the decision to hand a red or yellow card to a candidate or to disband a political party depended entirely on interpretation of the law - without any regard to the political impact that might follow. A few days ago, however, one EC member said that he did not favor the disbanding of any political party - saying that it could result in the country falling into turmoil, and that this would mean allocating budget for a new election. This EC member added that the term ‘nominee’ did not exist in current electoral law.
This opinion is obviously contrary to previous EC pronouncements.
Another case, which shows the current disunity of the EC, is that of the People Power Party (PPP). One EC sub-committee has stated its disapproval of any move to disband the PPP and the Matchima Thipataya Party. This is contrary to the opinion of another EC member, Sumet Upanisakorn. Sumet has said that, in strict accordance with the law, he believes the EC has no other option than to disband the two parties.
It remains to be seen which of these two stances the EC will prioritize: Accordance with the strict letter of the law or a concern for possible political fallout. One important fact is certain, however. The EC will always be forced to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of unceasing political trickery.

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