The public press is not the government’s press

The public press is not the government’s press - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, March 27, 2008
Prime Minister’s Office Minister Jakrapob Penkair has recently stated that Thai TV Channel 11 is to become a national broadcasting channel with an increased role as an official media outlet of the state - in addition to airing its more traditional programming to the public. Five radio stations will also be reorganized to better serve the government’s dissemination of information to the media. I would like to inform readers that the Constitution stipulates that the role of ‘state media’ is primarily to serve the public need - and not to serve the sitting government. If the public is to continue receiving unbiased news, it will be necessary to keep a vigilant look out for government interference in the media - to ensure that it does not overstep the mark laid down by the Constitution.
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