Thais suffering severe social tensions

Thais suffering severe social tensions - translated and summarized from Matichon, March 25, 2008
A 23 year-old female lecturer at Assumption University - an honors graduate of a reputed university - has sent shockwaves running through both her immediate family and Thai society in general by committing suicide as the result of a broken heart. I believe our society needs to reconsider how it allows its citizens to deal with modern tensions. This case has led to numerous people asking why it is that such a highly-educated person is unable to survive such a personal mental crisis. This story has brought the whole issue of suicide amongst our young people to the attention of the government and its various relevant agencies. The media and educational institutes are now also wondering how they can promote certain social values - in accordance with both Buddhist practice and the speeches of Their Majesties the King and Queen - that will better guide troubled Thais through their personal travails and onto greater happiness.
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