Chance for farmers?

Chance for farmers? - translated and summarized from Matichon, March 26, 2008
Deputy Minister of Commerce Wirut Techapaiboon has stated that the price of rice is likely to reach a new high this year, and thereafter remain high for at least a further two years. The Rice Exporters’ Association has also said that the price of FOB 100% White Rice could hit 1,000 USD per tonne, from the current level of 556 USD. The export price of Jasmine Rice is also expected go beyond 1,000 USD per tonne, from the current level of 790 USD.
The cruelly-high current oil prices have led to a global decrease in the storage of rice, with stored grains dropping from 130 million tonnes to 70 million tonnes. Farmers are now also turning to the growing of other agricultural crops. The production of rice is currently in decline, while the demand for it is rising.
Some commodity experts see these developments as a good opportunity for rice growers to improve their income. The government needs to ensure that it is farmers that receive the benefits of these higher prices - and not just commodity speculators.

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