The people who really destroy the country’s image

The people who really destroy the country's image- translated and summarized from Thai Rath, March 15, 2008
According to a survey conducted by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, the Philippines is the most corrupt Asian economy while Thailand has been ranked second for two consecutive years. Meanwhile, Singapore retained its ranking as the cleanest economy in Asia. The survey covers 13 economies in Asia and was conducted among 1,400 expatriate businessmen. The columnist believes the ranking also reflects the degrees of democracy as the administrations of countries which strictly follow democratic practices will run the countries transparently. On Thailand, a certain minister recently stated that political movements by a people’s organization [the People’s Alliance for Democracy] have negatively affected the country’s image and driven foreign investors away. The question is: what really does affect the kingdom’s image between such political movements and the survey by a foreign institution?
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