Thailand #2 in corruption

Thailand #2 in corruption - Krungtepturakit, March 14, 2008
At the bottom left it reads: Wonder that we can’t get the first level!!
Samak says: Who is PERC? They just read the Thai newspapers [which has many stories about corruption] and then assertively say that Thailand is number two in the corruption problem. How can it be?

This is a reference to a report last week ranking Thailand as behind the Philippines as the most corrupt country in Asia.

RP, Thailand among most corrupt Asian economies -- survey - AFP, March 10, 2008
...As in the 2007 survey, Thailand remained the second most corrupt economy after the Philippines with a score of 8.0 after the military, which seized power in a coup in 2006, was seen to have failed to tackle the problem.
"The kingdom's economy has been marking time for two years while it sorts out political problems in which allegations of corruption figure prominently," said PERC...

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