Samak: The Prime Minister’s Problems

The Prime Minister’s problems - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, April 3, 2008
During the ‘Samak Talk’ television program that was aired on March 30, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej displayed a highly aggressive attitude towards the press. Among the things that the PM claimed, during the program, was that media reporters had deliberately prodded him to talk about the possibility of a coup d’etat against his government - to the point where the issue had become the ‘talk of the town’.
The Prime Minister has been facing many problems since he placed himself once again in the public domain. He has been greatly criticized, and has had many complaints made against him. Furthermore, he has lost a great deal of his personal freedom and privacy - and cannot go out alone without bodyguards to guarantee his security.
There is one issue on which the PM has lately taken to speaking somewhat ambiguously. He claims that another country is paying attention to his every action, and is trying to influence him into not expressing any sympathy for a third country - that he also refuses to name. 
Although the PM is not inclined to name these two countries, it is rather obvious to us that the second country is a ‘superpower’ and the third country is Myanmar.

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