Komchadluek: The country is at risk!

The country is at risk! - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, April 2, 2008
Politicians - who were elected as representatives of the public - should put their collective intelligence to work to solve the existing problems of the Kingdom, and to prevent any new problems that might arise. They should also work more closely to provide the people - they represent - with greater security for their livelihoods, personnel assets and well-being.
Some politicians currently seem intent on taking shameless advantage of the government’s assets, however. Indeed, they seem to be mainly engaged in doing things for their own sake.
Such behavior is hardly new, and is actually known to be an enduring problem in Thai politics. If this country continues to be ruled by immoral and selfish politicians, it will be increasingly at risk of failure. Such politicians will almost certainly persist in favoring their associates, regardless of the eventual cost to the nation.
The Thai public is now facing many problems. These problems include expensive fuel costs, a high cost-of-living, numerous environmental problems and a soaring crime rate.
Additionally, several ministerial post-holders - within the current administration - are widely considered to be ill-qualified for their positions. These individuals not only act in a politically aggressive manner, but also seem intent on doing things that will not benefit the majority of the population.
If ministerial post-holders continue to show no great eagerness to solve the country’s problem, our country’s citizens will be left with no one to turn to. The situation will almost certainly worsen if these individuals are allowed to continue taking advantage of their positions.
Prime Minister Samak should consider reshuffling the members of his Cabinet. Inefficient ministerial post-holders should be sacked before they damage the country any further.

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