Military not progressive – politics, as always, regressive

Military not progressive - politics, as always, regressive - translated and summarized from Deep South Watch; Author: Muhamad-ayup Patan, April 16, 2008
The situation in the South still remains largely unchanged. Violent attacks still occur on a daily basis. The locals of the region still largely live in fear, while Thais in the rest of the country are largely indifferent to the fate of the region’s people.
By continually perpetrating violent attacks, the insurgent movement hopes to create a fear in the hearts of local people - with which they can be more easily coerced.
No matter how hard the government tries to solve this problem, it is still highly unlikely that they can ever bring an end to this unrest.
In the wake of the recent major spate of arrests of suspected insurgents, it might be claimed that the government - and especially its military - has destroyed the political structure of the insurgent movement. But the fact of the matter is that the military has yet to destroy the insurgents’ armed forces - so the unrest is thus bound to continue.
Military operations always increase the likelihood of human rights violations occurring. Thus, the unbelievable escalation of the unrest in the South is bound to involve widespread disregard for human rights.
Some recent events have had an extremely negative impact on the public image of the current government, as they have clearly demonstrated that it has no policies to resolve the region’s problems.
But if we examine all of the above from a converse viewpoint, the current situation could actually be construed as to the benefit of this government - affording it a brand-new opportunity to instigate a major initiative to resolve the region’s problems once-and-for-all.

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