Samak’s tit-for-tat strategy

Samak’s tit-for-tat strategy - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, April 10, 2008
The ‘Samak’s Style of Talk’ television program - which is aired on Sundays by the Department of Public Relations - is not only a piece of pro-government propaganda, but also a channel through which Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej can aggressively attack those journalists or people who have recently annoyed him.
Some may like the PM’s aggressive and tough style of televised delivery, but there is a big question as to whether such a confrontational approach really benefits us - the ordinary citizens of Thailand.
A recent opinion poll by Bangkok University interviewed 1,036 respondents who said they had heard of or watched the PM’s first broadcast of the weekly program. Many respondents expressed a strong liking for the PM’s uncompromising attitude during the program - but many also expressed a strong disapproval of his sarcasm, roughness of manner and aggressive language.
People Power Party Spokesman Kuthep Saikrachang has recently commented that he thought that PM Samak tended to talk nonsense in public - but also that he was largely able to cover up the nonsense of his words by delivering them in a highly-aggressive manner.
Samak Sundaravej might well be the only elected PM in Thai history with no real political base. He really must begin to indicate his core political values to those he governs. He must also make it plain that he is not under the thumb of another more powerful politician. He will also have to act decisively and quickly against his enemies, as there is really some doubt as to whether he will remain PM for very long.
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