“Confusing life”

"Confusing life" - Thai Rath, April 6, 2008

Top, left to right: God gives me too many balls. They are no use! [A reference to recent news about underage castrations.]

Why do they receive death penalty eating stir fried cobra's eggs with chilies? [Recently several members of a family died after eating a cobra. Many considered this retribution for killing a sacred animal.]

It is not known whether books our son is reading are licensed or pirated ones. [Recent news stories have uncovered that many Thai-language textbooks are pirated copies. It is quite acceptable to copy non-Thai textbooks, but not local ones.]

Bottom, left to right:
Rice in the farm is all reserved. Why does the government tell us to stockpile it? [Investors loan farmers money to buy fertilizer and other farm implements. The farmers pay back the investors (or "capitalists" as Thais call them) with rice. This keeps the rural farmers in a somewhat indentured state. Since the rice crop is already spoken for to repay the investors, the farmers are not able to comply with government admonitions to stockpile their crop or do anything else with it.]

Party members do not respect me. Why have I been chosen to be the party leader? [Referring to Samak's sometimes contentious relationship with the rest of the People Power Party.]

Why do they become candidates for Member of the Parliament position if they want to be a gangster? [MPs are often rambunctious provincial tough men or mafia types. Probably also a reference to the Karun kicking incident in parliament that the Thai press repeatedly described as "barbaric."]

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