Farmers under siege

Farmers under siege - Arun, Krungtepturakit, April 3, 2008
On the bag it reads: Rice waiting for 30,000 baht per ton. One the birds it reads: No barns, high prices, debt, Bank of Agriculture and cooperatives, thieves steal rice

Cat lover? - Arun, Krungtepturakit, April 4, 2008
Loves the cat or does not want the cat to get the fish - The tag on the cage reads "Commander-in-Chief" meaning C-in-C Anupong.
[This cartoon points out the close relationship Samak is creating with the C-in-C--ostensibly to forestall a military coup. Samak, a well-known cat lover, keeps the C-in-C close to him either because he likes cat or he "does not want the cat to get the fish." This is an idiomatic expression that means "refuse to give away something that one does not have the right to have" perhaps meaning Samak does not deserve the premiership as a proxy of Thaksin and he does not want to let this slip away to the cat through a coup.]

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