Thaksin’s secret plan to win back the reins of power from Samak

Thaksin’s secret plan to win back the reins of power from Samak - Thaksin hopes to ‘uproot the grass before it grows’ under his feet - translated and summarized from Phujatkan, April 19, 2008
Former Prime Minister - Thaksin Shinawatra - made a public appearance at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on April 9, to deliver a special lecture at a seminar organized by the Thai Com Foundation. The lecture was well-received by some elements of the business community. Among those who counted themselves impressed by Thaksin’s lecture were former leaders of his disbanded Thai Ruk Thai (TRT) party, and MPs of the current People Power Party (PPP).
Looking back on PM Samak’s lecture on government policies to revive the Thai economy, it was very noticeable that many of those in attendance were not really that interested in what the PM had to say on economic matters.
People seem to be openly pondering whether the ‘real’ prime minister is Thaksin Shinawatra or Samak Sundaravej.     
Samak 1 Government ministers have had to await the decision of former PM Thaksin several times in recent weeks, over the shaping of their administration’s policies. The issue of the ‘30% reserve’ being a particular case-in-point [the 30% reserve rule for capital inflows] - a matter that could easily have been decided by the Finance Minister, Dr. Surawong Suebwonglee, alone.
It is widely-believed that Thaksin will soon begin a major maneuver to regain his former popularity and return as prime minister.
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