Job for Duang

Job for Duang - Kajor Ngorngae by Mor, Krungtepturakit, April 24, 2008
Left: Chalerm says: Don't worry, if my son, Duang, is back in the military, I will tell him to polish the big guns in front of the Defense Ministry.
Middle: The reporter says: Do you think that job is suitable for your son? It is like beneath his knowledge and capabilities.
Chalerm says: So what is the suitable job for him?
Right: The reporter says: Quelling the southern unrest.
[Powerful politician Chalerm's son Duang was reinstated into the military recently. He was earlier stripped of his position after refusing to turn himself over the the police over alleged involvement in the shooting death of a police officer in a nightclub. The cartoon reflects many of the urban elites' view of the spoiled Chalerm boys by suggesting they be sent to the dangerous South. An earlier cartoon about the Chalerm boys is here.]

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