Famous astrologer – former policeman – predicts career fate of National Police Chief

Famous astrologer - former policeman - predicts career fate of National Police Chief - translated and summarized from Phujatkan; Author: Crime News Reporters’ Pool, April 28, 2008
Former policeman and well-known astrologer - Pol. Col. Atthawirot Sritula has recently predicted the career fate of the incumbent National Police Chief Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan. He has also examined the possible fate of Pol. Gen. Priewpan Damapong (Khunying Potjaman Shinawatra’s brother), in his current bid to become the National Police Chief.
Col. Atthawirot has been keeping a close watch on National Police Chief incumbents in recent years, and he has noted that it is rare for those appointed to the post to serve out a full term. Atthawirot’s astrological prognostications, on the careers of recent police chiefs, have now found their way into the media. Atthawirot says Gen. Patcharawat will face some hardships in carrying out his post’s responsibilities. He also believes that Gen. Patcharawat will need to display great patience, if he is to complete his full term.
Gen. Priewpan Damapong (the brother-in-law of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra) has recently returned to work in the National Police Bureau. Atthawirot has examined the astrological omens for Gen. Priewpan being chosen as National Police Chief. The famous astrologer told the media that he believes that Priewpan’s career future will be entirely dependent on the fortunes of former PM Thaksin and the current People Power Party-led government, as the ‘two’ continue to engage in a combined power struggle with their many detractors.
General Patcharawat was appointed as the National Police Chief after the transfer of the former incumbent - Gen. Seripisut Temiyavet - to an inactive post. This transfer came after many lawsuits were filed against Seripisut, with allegations of corruption and indiscipline. 
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