Crazy World

Crazy World - Khao Sod, April 27, 2008

Top, left to right:
Keep being crazy
Left to right: Chalerm, Sondhi, ? (perhaps Somkiat or Suriyasai from the PAD)
Chalerm says: Opposing Thaksin
Sondhi says: Beating off Thaksin regime
Not sure, perhaps Somkiat or Suriyasai from the PAD: Marching on the street

Crazy about pubic hair
Left to right: Democrats Apisit, Tepthai, and Chuan
Tepthai says: Have you ever seen them? [This is in reference to the pubic hair being mailed to Privy Councilor Prem to insult him.]

Bottom, left to right:
Crazy about amendments
Left to right: ?, PM Samak, Banharn
First figure: Constitution must be revised
Samak: Parliament must be dissolved
Banharn: They don’t know if they never face the situation themselves.

Against amendment moves
Left to right: ?, ?, Prasong
First figure: It must not be revised
Second figure: For the sake of themselves
Prasong: Must not be amended

Crazy about honor
Duang says: That’s my father [Duang, dishonorably discharged from the military, was recently reinstated. His father is Interior Minister Chalerm.]

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