People Power Party does what CNS did before

People Power Party does what CNS did before - translated and summarized from Matichon; Column: Think Station No. 12; Author: Tawee Mee-ngern, April 24, 2008
Many people are questioning why the People Power Party (PPP) has dared to make overtures to revise the 2007 Constitution; in spite there being a common perception - nationwide - that such moves are being made for the party’s sake alone. PPP wish to amend Article 237 of the Charter, as a means to prevent their party from being disbanded. They also wish to amend Article 309, which could help former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to escape corruption charges.
Although the 2007 Constitution is not as clearly written as its 1997 predecessor, it is a fact that fourteen million Thai citizens - throughout this land - voted for its promulgation. If any party truly wishes to revise the current constitution, it should first remind itself of the large number of people who voted for that charter to be enacted.
It appears that the proposed amendments to the 2007 Constitution are not intended to improve the country’s democratic standing or create greater confidence among foreign investors - as some politicians have claimed. Foreign investors are usually concerned that elections take place, but do not generally wish to get involved in a country’s internal affairs. It is, perhaps, much more the case that investors desire that our Kingdom remains a stable environment - in which their investments will thrive.
Before we consider amending the 2007 Constitution, we need to figure out some sound reasons why such a step is really necessary. We also need to know exactly whom the planned revisions will benefit. Thais should demand that their politicians only act with a completely clear conscience, when it comes to such a major issue.
Right now, the Government and the People Power Party are setting out to do almost exactly the same thing that the Council for National Security (CNS) did during its tenure in power. This government - and this party - want to amend the law-of-the-land for their own benefit, and ensure that the revisions are retroactive.
The citizens of this country want the Government to alleviate their economic burden - but the Government only seems intent on amending the 2007 Constitution to avoid legal action from being taken against it.

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