Thaksin and Manchester City: Thaksin Shinawatra asks players to bow

Thaksin Shinawatra asks players to bow - Sunday Mirror, May 4, 2008
[Is this a mistranslation of "wai" or purposeful misinformation? The Nation updates this story by explaining: Thaksin's 'demand' that the players 'wai' him before kick-off is being seen as a dictatorship streak. We would expect this entire story to be quickly denied.]
...Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra has hit the club with another shock by asking for the players to bow to him Thai-style before each game...
Bowing is a traditional mark of respect in Shinawatra's native Thailand. But some at City see this as another example of how the former Thai Prime Minister is turning the club into his personal dictatorship...

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...Thaksin left his son Panthongtae and daughter Pintongta, both installed by him as City board members, to field questions and when, inevitably, asked if Eriksson would lead the tour, Panthongtae froze, mumbled a "yes" then looked desperately to his sister for support. Both left the launch steadfastly refusing to answer questions by the foreign journalists who were in pursuit."

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