Thai Rice Poster from the 1930s

(from Anake Nawigamune's A Century of Thai Graphic Design)

Rice - April 12, 2008
1930s-era poster - It reads: Fate of millions of starving people worldwide is in the hands of Thai farmers. - Thailand [in red] - Thais are Buddhist. We will never let people in the world die from starvation and hunger. The more rice you grow – the higher sales you get.

From NottheNation: Cheap farangs suffer as rice prices climb
[Includes a photo of the notorious farang beggar.]
...John is not alone. Cheap farangs all over Bangkok are erupting in anger at the price increases, claiming that food vendors are simply trying to pull a fast one on old whitey.
...“Not every farang is sipping cocktails at Vertigo, and I think that Thais need to hear that as well,” said Stevenson. “Sure we might make double, triple or quadruple what Thai make for the same amount of work, but our traveling and living costs are much higher. Thais don’t need serviced apartments, laundry service, pools, fitness rooms and UBC. We do. And those things cost money.”
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