Tragic death fuels acrimony

Tragic death fuels acrimony - Bangkok Post, April 6, 2008
More than 200 women, half walking and half running, shouting "Allah Akbar" - God is Great - all the way, made the journey from Kotor village in Narathiwat province's Rueso district to Rueso hospital, a distance of about two kilometres, to receive the lifeless body of their revered religious leader, Yapa Kaseng. Imam Kaseng had been arrested on March 19 and detained at the 39th Special Taskforce Unit at Wat Suan Tham in Reuso. He was found dead on March 21...
At the imam's home, they did not bathe the body before burial. In Islamic belief, not bathing the body signifies that the deceased died in the service of Allah. Those preparing the body saw bruises that reached from his face to his toes. Though it is not the common practice, many took photos because of the highly suspicious circumstances, to use as evidence to back up their claims that the imam was beaten and tortured before his death...

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