A stain on the senate

For the honor of the Senate - translated and summarized from Thai Rath editorial, March 17, 2008
It could be said that both elected senators and nominated senators have successfully passed the first real test of their new positions - as Prasopsuk Boondet has just been voted the Speaker of Thailand’s Senate.
Before the vote took place, it was widely rumored that some senators had been bribed to vote for a certain candidate for the Speaker position.
One elected senator has recently admitted that he received a call from a former member of parliament - and that the ex-MP promised to do him some favors if he would vote for a certain candidate.
It is highly suspicious that so few in the Senate have shown much interest in this case. Furthermore, few senators seem particularly eager to find out if there is any truth in the matter.
The rumor appears not to be entirely groundless, as at least one other senator has claimed that someone tried to bribe him over the selection of the Speaker.
If this rumor is confirmed to be true, it should be treated as a criminal act. Will our new senators - who have just vowed to uphold the honor of the senate - be prepared to let this criminality go without taking any further action?

A stain on the senate - The Nation, March 20, 2008
...At the meeting to elect the Speaker, some senators spoke out about what they claimed to be an attempt to buy their support for a particular candidate.
There were allegations of Bt1- million for each vote by a senator, in addition to a Mercedes-Benz car, and a monthly payment for the rest of their term...

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