Samak’s plan to divert Mekong water panned

Samak's plan to divert Mekong water panned - Isan scheme feasible, say experts, but costly - Bangkok Post, February 5, 2008
...Under the plan, water from the Mekong river would be diverted through underground tunnels.
Reservoirs would be built and water pipelines laid down to transport water to farmland.
...Montree Chantarawong, campaign coordinator of the Bangkok-based Towards Ecological Recovery and Regional Alliance (Terra), said the Samak government should learn from the previous Mekong-Chi-Mun water diversion project which aimed to divert water from the Mekong to the Chi and Mun rivers.
The project was shelved as it caused widespread soil salination.
The region has a vast area of salt deposits which would wreak havoc upon farmland in those areas near waterways or reservoirs...
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