Pattani Provincial Police Station held a press conference

Insurgents say they received 100 baht to bomb soldiers - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, February 3, 2008
Pattani Provincial Police Station held a press conference at 11:00 am yesterday to announce their arrest of a suspected insurgent named as Ma-ae Kuli (32) - who already had an arrest warrant issued against him. Ma-ae was charged with bomb-attacking a group of soldiers in front of the Mosque in Yarang District’s Momawi Commune on January 18. The blast claimed a life of one soldier, and wounded two officers. The arrested insurgent admitted that he had carried out the attack in conjunction with five other insurgents: Isma-ae Pa-ohmani, Yako Ali, Abas Ali, Chugifli Vadeng and Isma-ae Kutae.
Ma-ae named the person who detonated the bomb as Yako Ali - who died [of unspecified causes] on January 23. Isma-ae added that Yako had coerced him into carrying out insurgent activities with a promise that he would eventually receive a large sum of money for his activities. After they had carried out their bombing mission, Yako paid the six men only 100 baht each. Isma-ae also made a statement advised the four remaining bombers to report themselves to the police at the earliest opportunity.

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