Tortured Arguments

Tortured Arguments - Prachatai, February 8, 2008
[Could it be that Prachatai does not realize this article is a joke in the style of NottheNation?]
...A spokesperson from the Department of Labour pointed out that torture is an integral component of police and national security work and as such is exclusively reserved for Thais. "Foreigners can't expect to come to Thailand and just torture people,' said a Department spokesperson, "especially without a work permit. If they want people tortured, they should ask the relevant Thai authorities to do it for them.'
When Prachatai took up the issue with the Special Interrogations Division of the National Police Office, an officer, requesting anonymity since he was not authorized to make official statements, said that there was no need for the CIA to conduct torture on Thai territory. "We have fully developed torture facilities in Thailand and can guarantee a first-class service.' He noted that waterboarding has long been part of the Thai security services' repertoire. "In fact, we could probably teach the CIA a thing or two,' he added...

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