The New Government and the Old Government

Law Society warns Chalerm not to use summary executions in war on drug - The Nation, February 9, 2008

New Interior Minister apologizes for tainted past, swears to work justly - The Nation, February 8, 2008
...Police Captain Chalerm said that his opportunity to assume the position of interior minister was a blessing that he would work to deserve...

Thailand junta admits failure, ends its role - Gulf Times, February 7, 2008
Thailand’s military junta that staged a 2006 coup officially ended its role yesterday, admitting that it had failed in its political objectives and promising to avoid further coups...

Thailand will not interfere in Myanmar - AP, February 7, 2008
Thailand's newly elected government will maintain a policy of noninterference in military-ruled Myanmar, the foreign minister said Thursday, adding that democracy and human rights are "domestic issues..."

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