Thai liquor tycoon may take large chunk of Shin Corp.

Thai liquor tycoon may take large chunk of Shin Corp. - Forbes, February, 2008
...Singapore’s Business Times on Monday illustrated the frenzied attempts by Temasek to unload part of its Shin stake, citing an investment banking source as saying that it had approached even Thaksin, who is living in exile in London since being ousted by a military coup, for a possible sale, in addition to Charoen and other Thai tycoons such as agrobusiness magnate Dhanin.
...Charoen listed Thai Beverages on the Singapore exchange in May in 2006, months before Thaksin lost his premiership, prompted by a political campaign at home to thwart his listing an alcohol-producing business in a Buddhist country like Thailand. He was seen as a potential threat to Thaksin’s rule at the time.
Buying a strategic stake from Temasek in Shin would serve as fitting payback for the troubles Charoen encountered at home two years ago.

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