Communist police ambush Thai firm

Communist police ambush Thai firm -, February 6, 2008
[This is apparently an opposition news site--plainly evident from the selection of verbs in the list of featured stories: persecuted, loses, reneges, breaches, snub, breaks.]
For a Thai zinc oxide company, venturing into Vietnam’s provincial backwater has proved fatal after being ambushed by the communist country’s economic police.
After spending millions of dollars and years of setbacks and prolonged delays in setting up a zinc oxide factory in the poor and remote province of Bac Kan, production finally started in January 2007 at the Viet Thai Zinc Industry Joint Venture Co with output destined for export.
But no sooner had the company finally had its very first consignment cleared by customs and sent to a warehouse in the port city of Hai Phong, the economic police swooped in and seized Viet Thai’s goods at the warehouse claiming “economic violations”...

And an earlier claim: Vietnam loses former investment lustre to Thailand
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