Will Sutham call Samak over Oct 6 truth?

Will Sutham call Samak over Oct 6 truth? - The Nation, February 21, 2008
...But Sutham Saengprathum remembers the incident as a black hole in Thai political history. He wrote in one of his personal journals:  
"Just before I went to see the prime minister (MR Seni Pramoj) I was in Thammasat campus. The stage set up for public speeches was shot through with bullet holes. We had to evacuate ourselves to continue our activities under that stage. I was hugging my friends to say goodbye. But the scene I saw right then didn't allow me to make the decision to leave. What I saw was a male student in a pool of blood after being shot at right in the middle of the (football) field. A female student, probably a volunteer nurse, ran up to him to help carry him to the Accountancy faculty building. While she was struggling to walk him out of the firing zone, she was shot and killed right in front of where I was standing. A third friend who rushed up to them in the hope of helping them was also cut down by bullets.
"The three of them laid dead right in the middle of the football field of Thammasat University. It's a picture that has stayed in my memory until today…"
Anybody seriously interested in Thai political history would naturally be curious to know what Sutham today thinks of Prime Minister Samak's statement - repeated in his rebuttal against opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva's comment in Parliament on Monday - that only one person died in the October 6, 1976 crackdown.
Would Sutham give PM Samak a call to clear things up, now that they belong to the same camp?

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