Samak’s atonement

COMMENTARY Samak's atonement - Bangkok Post, February 15, 2008
The official death toll for that day when heavily-armed Border Patrol Police and ideology-crazed paramilitary groups and militants brutally cracked down on protesting students holed up in Thammasat University is 46 killed. The award-winning photograph showing a man driving a stake into a dead body also shows that there were many more - at least four - blood-splattered corpses lying around in the vicinity.
...Prime Minister Samak has chosen not to consider any of the evidence, however.
..."No. For me, no deaths; one unlucky guy being beaten and being burned in Sanam Luang. Only one guy died that day," he told CNN correspondent Dan Rivers last weekend...

What was Samak thinking? - Asia Sentinel, February, 2008
[Includes a slide show of photos from the massacre.]
...All in all, as Dan Rivers pointed out, officials acknowledged that 46 people died in the attack. Witnesses claim that hundreds died, although it's unclear if the truth will ever be known...

Also: Thanom Kittikachorn on Wikipedia

Also: Samak lectures reporters on how to do their job
- The Nation, February 15, 2008
[You can almost feel the hostility. It is like the TRT days again...]
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej on Friday got through his first formal press conference at Government
House by rattling on for half an hour about questions posed by the local press...

Also: Manager piles on as well showing photos of Samak sitting on a platform higher than a group of monks allegedly showing disrespect or pretension (in the same way these types of charges were leveled at Thaksin).

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