More criticism for the new government

Clowns, cronies, dimwits crowd centre stage
...Hearing these Cabinet members' fancy ideas, such as planting eucalyptus trees in rice fields, selling unsalted fermented fish for better nutrition, setting aside traffic lanes for brats to enjoy motorbike races and, most recently, a plan to build a copy of the London Eye, one cannot help but be resigned to the fact that one has to suffer fools gladly at times...
Samak swears he was not related to student massacre in 1976
Chalerm denies having conflicts with other PPP leaders
Samak blows his top after questioned about press censorship following Oct 6 1976 event
Student Massacre: Historians reject PM's 'distortions'

From the city, via the jungle, to defeat:: the 6th Oct 1976 bloodbath and the CPT
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