Fossil remains of new primate species found

Fossil remains of new primate species found - Bangkok Post, February 26, 2008
...The newly discovered species is considered the smallest ancient primate, with a length of only 15 centimetres and weighing an estimated 500 grammes, team leader Yaowalak Chaimanee said.
''We have found four lower teeth, which helped us identify it as belonging to the family Sivaladapidae, which was found only in Asia _ mainly in China, Burma, India and Thailand _ from the mid-Eocene period [about 40 million years ago] until the lower Miocene [about eight million years ago],'' she said.
''With its small size, it would have probably have eaten insects and fruit.'' She said Siamoadapis maemohensis was a kind of Strepsirrhine. Lemurs and slow loris are believed to have developed from the species...
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