More signs from Chiang Mai: “No highrises”

More signs from Chiang Mai: "No highrises" - February 27, 2008

Sadortu reports: There is the proposed construction of a tall building that hides the view of Doi Sutep and many temples that are located at slope of the hill. This is the reason that we do not want to announce that we do not want the high building in Soi Umong, Chaing Mai.

Right: Permit high building in the narrow street?



(Photo: Sadortu for

(Photo: Sadortu for

Left: Area of Mu 1, 8, 10, 14 is the controlled area for high buildings. So at present there is the announcement the area that prohibits high buildings is announced by the municipality.

Below: Narrow street, seizing the car park, seizing the water, so how to survive together. We don't want the high building in Soi Wat Umong again.

(Photo: Sadortu for

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