Condoning rape in Thai TV dramas

Condoning rape in Thai TV dramas - Bangkok Post, January 23, 2008
...The most serious concern is the depiction of rape in drama, which somehow appears to be a new trend for this industry. At least three productions - one has gone off the air and one is currently being broadcast - involve male lead characters resorting to rape as a means of revenge or punishment.
The storyline of the three romances is much the same: the lead character is so angry and frustrated with the woman he wrongly takes to be "bad" and so rapes her in order to "punish" her.
Only when he finds out that the victim is actually good and innocent (a virgin, too) does he fall in love with her and tries to win her heart through many travails. It's also typical that the female loves him back, disregarding the man's anger management problem. Then it's a happy ending.
Another similarity is that these productions are likely to be smash hits. Likhit Kamathep, which has just ended, enjoyed huge ratings. Popular actress Ann Thongprasom starred as the lead, who carries the child of her lawful husband's son after she is raped...
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