Worrying about those who have become bored of politics

Worrying about those who have become bored of politics - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, January 15, 2008
Most Thais will not be particularly surprised by the results of a recent Dusit Opinion Poll. This poll shows that many young Bangkok people  - aged between eight and fifteen - are highly aware that this country has numerous political problems. The problems, this social group thus describe, include ‘disunity’, ‘corruption’ and ‘selfishness’. Most young people say that they do not wish to grow up to be politicians, as they consider such a career to be very stressful.
It is not just kids who have a negative image of Thai politicians and the local political system, as their seniors also appear to have become increasingly disillusioned with the two. Adults are often reported as saying that no matter how many coups occur, most politicians are incapable of changing their power-hungry ways.
The results of this poll are very worrisome. If kids express a hate of politics - not wishing to vote or participate in it - and adults have a similarly negative view, how is the Thai system of democracy ever likely to improve? In this way, our political system would continue to be largely the domain of professional politicians - with the public opting not to intervene in any form that could force change for the better.
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