Concern over those who are weary of politics

Concern over those who are weary of politics - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, January 15, 2008
A Dusit Rajabhat University Opinion Poll, conducted on those aged between 8 and 15 years old in the Bangkok metropolitan area, has revealed that many young people are increasingly bored with politics and the sleaze that surrounds it. Many juveniles are reported to believe that national politics is very corrupt and involves numerous conflicts between political groupings. Such opinions are essentially no different from those of our grown-ups, who are also apt to say that they are fed-up with politics. They, too, express dissatisfaction with the kind of politicians who they say will stop at nothing to win an election and gain a position of power in government.
I wish to comment that this is a serious problem for this country, as our youth will one day be eligible to vote. The enthusiastic participation of young people, in the electoral process, will be essential for the further development of our system of democracy.
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