Protecting good people

Protecting good people - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, January 11, 2008
The public is becoming highly-critical of the sad fact that most government officials currently appear to be in ‘neutral gear’, and not eager to complete many of their allotted tasks - but rather to await the arrival in office of the next government. There is, however, one government official who is still devoted to his job.
Kasem Wattanatham is the person thus described, and he is currently wearing two ‘hats’: One as the Deputy Governor of Buriram Province, and the other as the President of the Buriram Provincial Electoral Commission.
As the Deputy Governor, Kasem plays a significant role in the investigation of the illegal possession of public land in the province. It’s a job that few relish, as it involves the interrogation of powerful individuals who are widely-feared.
As President of the Buriram Electoral Commission, Kasem was involved in the investigation of corrupt practices in the recent general election - in which the National Electoral Commission awarded ‘red’ cards to three People Power Party parliamentary candidates standing for constituencies in the province.
A normal man would probably not be prepared to undertake such onerous tasks, for fear that the consequences of his actions might impact on his career path.
Kasem has said, however, that the realization that he is working for HRH the King has made him far more daring in his pursuit of the ‘right action’ than might normally be the case. He has also posed the question as to how ordinary people can survive with integrity if government administrators are too cowardly to tackle such criminality.
Kasem is devoted to his job, and fears nothing. Indeed, he is that rare phenomenon today: a highly-respectable individual. It is only right that Thai people should support and protect such a good person.

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