Shanghai protests over maglev line

Shanghai protests over maglev line - CNN, January, 2008
[Thanks to Don for pointing this out.]
..."City planning and environmental departments are very cautious and take very seriously these concerns," the statement said, urging the public not to "disrupt social stability."
It was the second time in two years that the high-profile, costly German-made maglev has generated protests in Shanghai, China's commercial capital. And the government's response underscores how delicately authorities must tread in the face of Chinese who want a say in protecting the homes, jobs and other goods their rising living standards have afforded.
In June, thousands of protesters massed on the streets of another prosperous Chinese port city, Xiamen, forcing the government to delay construction of a $1.4 billion chemical plant. Like the Shanghai protesters this weekend, the Xiamen demonstrators organized by mobile phone text messages and put photos and video of the marches on the Internet...
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