New requirements for marriage visas

New requirements for marriage visas - January 10, 2008
Don reports: (We) paid our annual visit to Immigration this morning, to renew my annual visa. There is a new requirement now: We must submit four (4) photos of our residence, with both of us in all four photos. One photo must be of us standing outside the building, with it in the background. The other three must be of us in different locations inside the residence. No mention was made of photo size, but the samples on the desk were rather large. Today is Thursday; I have four days, until next Monday, to submit the photos or else the visa-extension request will be canceled. We saw several people coming in dropping off photos with the officials and wondered what that was all about until the officer explained it to us. So be warned... Also, we had to draw a map to out place. I believe that was another first.
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