Film-festival probe may turn into box-office bomb

Film-festival probe may turn into box-office bomb - Bangkok Post, January 7, 2008
...However, there are growing fears that every effort will be made to thwart the investigation in Thailand. Said one senior official, without elaborating: "Those who are involved will try and prevent the matter from being pursued any further in Thailand.
"Mrs Juthamas has denied everything and threatened to sue the FBI. However, the issue is causing some sleepless nights for several officials, especially those who were known to have been in Mrs Juthamas' camp."
Said one industry executive: "These investigations are problematic for internal morale. There are cliques within the TAT, just like any other large organisation."
...Many in the private sector recalled that they had opposed Mrs Juthamas' appointment as governor in the first place but now say that many things now begin to make sense.
"During the tenure of the Thaksin administration, the TAT enjoyed record budgets," one senior sector executive said. "Thaksin himself had set a target of 20 million tourist arrivals by 2008, even though many in the private sector knew it was totally unrealistic.
"But, by citing the growing competitive nature of the global tourism industry and the marketing budgets of competing countries in Asean, the administration could always find a way to justify the massive budgets.
"And this does not include the huge extra budgets that were sought to justify bounceback campaigns after the various crises, such as Sars in 2003 or the tsunami 2004..."
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