Commission’s yellow cards and red cards could prevent another coup

Commission's yellow cards and red cards could prevent another coup - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, December 25, 2007
If the September 19 coup was a school examination, members of the coup would not pass the exam. The interim government does not seem to have any achievements. Some people therefore miss the previous premier [Thaksin].
People are wondering if the army will allow old power clique to regain its power. High-ranking military officials like Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin and army chief Gen. Anupong Phaochinda have not said much about this. Supreme commander Gen. Boonsang Niampradit said he would accept if the People Power Party does form the government.
The yellow cards and red cards to be rightfully issued by the Election Commission will ban candidates who offer money to voters. They could also prevent another coup that might be staged. Defense Minister Gen. Boonrawd Somtas wants everybody to follow rules in a bid to prevent turmoil. We [the authors] expect the Election Commission to issue at least 25 yellow and red cards. That would make the forming of the new government easier. We are just wondering if the party will simply accept that. [If the People Power Party would accept being pushed out of forming a government because of excessive red cards.]
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