Don’t just be a ‘paper tiger’!

Don’t just be a ‘paper tiger’! - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, December 24, 2007
The Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) has admitted that the organization was not in a position to issue ‘red cards’ to parliamentary candidates in advance of the December 23 General Election. He also said that it had been impossible to mount investigations into electoral malpractice in such a short space of time, and that far more evidence was needed before red cards could be issued against erring politicians.
This columnist believes, however, that the EC has had plenty of time to investigate electoral malpractice and to initiate legal proceedings against the lawbreakers.
In the wake of this election, the EC will now have a full thirty days to decide whether candidates will receive yellow or red cards. The commission must act decisively if it wishes to be seen as having fulfilled its most important allocated role. I would like to warn the EC that it is in danger of being perceived as a ‘paper tiger’.
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