He hasn’t really quit politics!

Hasn’t really quit politics! - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, December 13, 2007
Several political parties have cast doubt on former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s frequent claims that he has actually quit politics. This doubt is fueling concerns that there might be considerable political problems in the run-up to the upcoming election.
Since his September 18 ouster in 2006, Thaksin’s words have always seemed to be in stark contrast to his actual actions. He has continued to attack the interim government and the Council for National Security at every opportunity.
An election campaign VCD for the People Power Party (PPP) has recently been launched. At one part during the video, the commentary runs:
“Let us all gather together to set up a new party called the People Power Party. You, the public, understand us. And you already know how much we are under attack”.
This VCD is making many people wonder whether Thaksin Shinawatra is actually one of the founders of the PPP – and especially since this would be a transgression of the law.
If Thaksin had really quit politics, the political problems in the current election run-up would undoubtedly be less severe - and the upcoming election would stand a much better chance of returning peace to the country.
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