Buying weapons under the ‘sufficiency’ principle

Buying weapons under the ‘sufficiency’ principle - translated and summarized from Matichon, December 8, 2007
HM the King delivered his annual ‘Birthday Speech’ on December 4, His audience consisted of high-ranking government officials, cabinet members, National Legislative Assembly members, parliamentary candidates and selected members of the general public. His Majesty talked extensively about the ethical procurement of military weapons under his self-proclaimed ‘sufficiency’ principle.
His Majesty also touched on the various secrets and scandals, of the nation’s armed forces, that have been widely-rumored in the past. He noted that such rumors often made people wonder if there would always be a political dimension to the nation’s arms procurement.
All senior military officers should realize that it is necessary for them to carry out arms procurement from other countries, in a way that does not cheat the nation. Ill-considered military purchases could also jeopardize the country’s security.

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