Discipline needed in politics

Discipline needed in politics - translated and summarized from Krungthep Turakit, December 8, 2007
I would like to comment on Thai politicians - and especially on the numerous occasions on which they have not conducted their political strategies in a well-disciplined manner. I raise this subject because of the case of Matchima Thipataya Party leader Prachai Leophairatana, who recently received an unsuspended one-month jail sentence. Prachai’s conviction [on contempt of court charges] resulted from comments he made on a publicly-distributed VCD.  On the VCD, Prachai criticized the same court for their earlier judgment that he had been involved in corrupt practices - while he was in charge of TPI Polene PLC. The December 23 General Election will hopefully usher in a new type of politics, in which the law of Thailand is treated with supreme respect by each member of its society.
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