Thai president already gone

Thai president already gone - translated and summarized from Phujadkan, December 14, 2007
[Phujadkan has been featuring a series of strident editorials over the last couple of weeks...]
The columnist criticizes some political movement to destroy Thailand’s Monarchy and set up a presidential system. In the past years, activities have been run to make the idea come true.
The government, the police and the military announce that they agree with the public that they resent this. They even ran a coup to eliminate those mean people who want to set up a new political system in Thailand. However, the coup is only a big lie. They ran the coup to benefit themselves.
No one really does anything to ease corruption and the betrayal of the Royal Family.
The columnist believes that all sacred things in the Kingdom will protect Thailand’s Monarchy and those evil people will not be able to achieve their goal.
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