Looking for people prepared to take responsibility

Looking for people prepared to take responsibility - translated and summarized from Matichon, December 17, 2007
The Supreme Court’s final judgment on the PTT Privatization case on December 14 was to the effect that the Cabinet and PTT PLC should work together to facilitate the return of those landholdings expropriated by PTT during its privatization process. The judgment also withdrew PTT’s automatic right to use the said landholdings for both the continuing use of its current oil & gas pipelines, and the construction of further pipelines. The landholdings and existing pipelines will now be returned to the control of the Ministry of Finance (MOF).
Ms. Rosana Tositrakul, a leading member of the Foundation for Consumers organization that brought the case to court, commented that the Supreme Court decision was a victory for Thai people as a whole. However, the Supreme Court rejected the plaintiff’s request that sought the revocation of two Royal Decrees that were enacted to govern PTT’s privatization process. Most people are delighted with the Supreme Court’s judgment.
In the wake of this judgment, the Surayud Government must now enter into negotiations with the Ministry of Energy, the MOF and PTT executives to find the best way for the expropriated landholdings and pipelines to be returned to MOF control.
This judgment should be a lesson to all those engaged in Civil Service administration that they should not engage in the privatization of State Enterprises (SEs) without first consulting public opinion. Those who pressed hard for PTT’s privatization should be prepared to take full responsibility for the negative effects that have accrued from their lack of attention to public opinion.
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