Sapan Han

Sapan Han - November 17, 2007
Last week we asked: Do any readers know where this was located? And when was it demolished?

Wisarut notes: That's good old Saphan Han Bridge ... across city Moat near Wang Boorapha.

Paul notes: Hi, Just started reading your site this week, never knew of it's existence before. Very impressed. The bridge is a Paharut but called Saphan Hun not Hung, the old postcard got it wrong. Here's a few sites that mention it. Here, here, and here.

hdamm mentioned on the forum: "Saphan Han was on Sampheng Lane where it crossed Khlong Ong Ang east of Pahurat Rd. The name (Saphan means bridge and Han a pivotal point) referred to a small boardwalk that could be turned to let boats pass... In the 1950s the shops were removed and it became the quite unimpressive bridge that you can see today."
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