Power is a two-edged sword

Power is a two-edged sword - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, November 8, 2007
It is clear that the post-coup government is trying to encourage the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to approve the new Internal Security Act (ISA) within the remainder of its tenure. The new ISA passed its first reading in the NLA yesterday. The government has frequently affirmed that the new act will actually be less detrimental to the freedoms of the general public than the existing ISA.
Despite such assurances, some NLA members, human rights organizations, academics and members of the press corps perceive the new ISA as quite dangerous - as they believe it will provide the government with ‘sweeping’ powers. The Dean of the Faculty of Law at Thammasart University, Prof. Dr. Somkid Lertpaitoon, has opined that the act will destroy both public freedom and the judicial system. Somkid has also said that that the act poses a greater danger to public freedom than anything that happening during the Thaksin regime, as no checks and balances have been built into the legislation to curb the abuse of power.Many organizations have been strongly expressing their disapproval of the new ISA for months, but the government has consistently averred that it will definitely implement the act. It seems that the only way to stop the act’s implementation is to find 25 NLA members who are willing to submit the issue to the Constitutional Court for a decision on whether it violates the Constitution.
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