It’s time to study MP candidates

It’s time to study MP candidates - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, November 10, 2007
The upcoming election is a big gamble for ‘old power’ politicians, as they struggle against opposition from other political parties to bring about the return of former Thai Ruk Thai Party chief -Thaksin Shinawatra - from abroad. The Palang Prachachon Party (PPP) (AKA the People Power Party) has brought together many Thaksin loyalists, and they expect to gain enough votes - in the upcoming election - to set up a single-party government.
PPP’s ability to achieve this aspiration will depend heavily on public sympathies, come election time. Their fortunes may especially hinge on votes cast by those city people who normally try to ignore elections.
City folk - with their high levels of education and income - would be well-advised to adjust their outlook on the electoral process, and start using their voting rights to prevent ‘mean-hearted’ people from becoming members of parliament (MPs).

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