Thaksin’s cronies perfecting the art of gutter politics

Thaksin's cronies perfecting the art of gutter politics - The Nation, November 18, 2007
[It has been awhile since super-tough editorials have been flowing out of The Nation. Here's one to kick off the campaigning season...]
[2012 note: To add some context, this editorial came out when it was clear Thaksin would be contesting the December elections with a political party he controlled. The party had a party symbol that emulated the Thai Rak Thai one. This flew in the face of the unwritten convention that a deposed politician should politely bow out of politics.]
...The peak of this occurred under Thaksin Shinawatra when everything, except that which was good and truly beneficial for people, was provided through populist schemes from which vast sums of taxpayers' money was siphoned off by politicians and their cronies.
This was supposed to be a perfect plan of corruption in which no hard evidence would be left for later criminal prosecution. Big-time crooks in the Cabinet wasted no time and effort in plundering national assets.
They had yet to legalise their corrupt acts and whitewash all traces of them when mass demonstrations became intense and a successful military coup ousted the graft-ridden team.
Down from power, but not completely out of politics, Thaksin continues his sinister plan to regain power through nominees and cronies with large funds, while retaining publicity through his purchase of Manchester City Football Club...

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